Explore Bonfim

Casa da Música

If you are near Casa da Música there are two alternatives allowing you to get to Bonfim: either by STCP buses or by Metro do Porto..

If you want to use Metro, head to Casa da Música station and enter in any vehicle that goes to Campanhã, Estádio do Dragão, or Fânzeres. Your destination is 24 de Agosto station.


Basic information:

Line: A, B, C, E and F (Campanhã, Estádio do Dragão, or Fânzeres);

Travel time: around 7 minutes;

Waiting time between departures: 4 minutes;

Cost: 1,20€ (Andante Z2);

Schedules: Check here.

Photo: Paulo César Silva (Flickr)

As we said, you can also use STCP buses to get to Bonfim. The buses no. 302 and 303 allow you to reach Campo 24 de Agosto.


Basic information:

Travel time: around 15 minutes;

Waiting time between departures: 6 minutes;

Cost: 1,20€ (Andante Z2) or 1,85€ (Single Trip Ticket – Agente Único)*;

Schedules: Lines no. 302 and no. 303.


*The single trip ticket (Agente Único) can only be used in STCP buses.