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Furnaces of the old Massarelos Porcelain Factory

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The old Massarelos Porcelain Factory was founded in 1766 by Manuel Duarte Silva and it was administrated by him until 1786, date of his death. After that it was managed by some of his descendants. The factory was known for its ceramic production and tile painting and had received many awards for its work. It was completely destroyed in 1920 because of a fire and the owners had to buy a new facility near Maria Pia Bridge. It functioned until the end of the twentieth century, when it was demolished because of the construction of St. John Bridge. From the factory there are only two furnaces left that are located in Avenida de Paiva Couceiro (Source: Jorge Ricardo Pinto (2011), Bonfim - Território de Memórias e Destinos).

Address: Avenida de Paiva Couceiro, 1230-1294, Porto


GPS coordinates: 41.140421, -8.592548


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