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Montebelo Chapel

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Montebelo Chapel was built on the top of a cliff, and in the beginning it was only a little shrine. In the middle of the eighteenth century this little shrine was transformed into a chapel of invocation of Senhor Jesus do Fojo, later known as Senhor Jesus da Boa-vista. The chapel that we can see today was built in 1864 and there it is celebrated the festivity of Senhora do Porto. According to the story, the image of Nossa Senhora was sold by a French soldier at the time of the Napoleonic wars to an employee of the Municipality of Porto that gave the image to the chapel of Senhor Jesus da Boa-vista. Besides this festivity there is another one in honour of Senhor Jesus da Boa-vista, which image was sculptured by Manuel Soares de Oliveira. This sculptor made the promise to carve the image of Nosso Senhor, life-size, if he was free from military service. It happened and the artist kept is promise, offering the image to the chapel (Source: Montebelo Chapel).

Address: Rua de Câmara Pestana, s/n, Porto


GPS coordinates: 41.1561425,-8.5938714


Opening hours: Saturday: 6 p.m. | Sunday: 10 a.m.


Cost: Free


Contacts: (+351) 225 376 559


Website: -


Accessible to people with reduced mobility: No