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Prado do Repouso Chapel

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Prado do Repouso Chapel is located on the south entrance of Prado do Repouso Cemetery and was built in the beginning of the nineteenth century. At that time it was known as Saint Vítor Church but the construction never ended so it remained in a state of ruin by the time of the Civil War in 1830’s. Due to the regulation of 1835, which forbade burials inside churches, mass graves and particular cemeteries, there was the need to build Prado do Repouso Cemetery in 1839. At that time, the unfinished Saint Vítor Church was in the grounds of the public cemetery and its demolition was considered. However, the design of a mortuary chapel was never realized and the chapel ended up staying. The first stone was blessed in December 1839 by the Bishop Manuel de Santa Inês, and at the same time the remains of Francisco de Almada e Mendonça where moved to the cemetery. All the decoration is neoclassical and the pavement has a rare geometrical composition, with two different tones of limestone. The stucco and the ornaments were designed by the Italian set designer Luigi Chiari (Source: Jorge Ricardo Pinto (2011), Bonfim - Território de Memórias e Destinos).

Address: Largo do Padre Baltazar Guedes, s/n, 4300-059 Porto


GPS coordinates: 41.1416587,-8.5954994


Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 8.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.


Cost: Free


Contacts: (+351) 225 379 925 | parquesurbanos@cm-porto.pt


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Accessible to people with reduced mobility: Yes